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Sign occupied by the Querist. Direction occupied by the Querist. The Querists Bearing. The Querists Behaviour Pattern. The Querists Mood. Dress and Garments. Some Peculiar Lakshanas. The Astrologers Departure.

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Omens on 1be Way. Indicative Signs while entering the House. The Lamp and the Flame. Drawing the Circle or Chart. Nature of the Chart.

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Behaviour of the Agent. Invocation to the Lord. Worshipping the Planets. Determining the Arudha Rasi. Thing to be Noted.

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In Vedic Astrology, the Lagna (Ascendant) is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on earth. This happens when a child takes his first. The following principles can be applied, when the Prasna deals with Success or Depending on the prasna lagna, the children can be governed by any Graha . of Prasna Jyotisha Shastra, also known as Horary Astrology.

Correction by Kunda. The Moons Longitude. Position of Gulkt. The Death Circle. Planetary Longitudes. Arudha Position. The Five Sutras. Identifying the Enemy.


Prasna Prasna is a Sanskrit word, which means a question or query. Treatment for Epilepsy. If Moon, Mars and Venus are posited in duel signs or duel navamsa signs and aspected by Mercury, there can be twins. Planets' Characteristics, 3. All comments are worth remember. Ashtakavarga System of Prediction. Go to Amazon.

Means Adopted by Enemies. Diagnosing Illness. Results of Sutras. Sutras and the Bhutds i.

The Time Factor. The Three Sutras. Who should Perform Remedies. Whereabouts of the Querist. Significance of Tnrisphutas. Thrisphuta Indicative of Death. Locating a Treasure Trove.

Nature of Persons met with on the. Beginning of Diseases. Rulers of Different Parts of. Thrisphuta Nakshatra. Laksbaoas Given in other Works. Danger to the House. Interpreting First Letter of Query.

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Thrisphuta Dasa. Results of the Sun and other Planets. Effects of Dhwajas etc. Pancbabhuta Effects. Reckoning of Lunar Day etc. Results of Thithi etc.

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Effects of Arudha. Avastbas 23e 81 Diseases and Arudha. Planets and Vegetables. Urdhwamukba and other Signs. Significance of Gold Piece. Effects of Lagna. Effects of Prana and Deha. Significance of Chandra Navamsa. Examination of Age.

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Short Life. Niryana Jupiter. Death as read by the Planets. Death Dealing Ascendant.

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Venus and Rahu in Amrit Bhaga are good for Recovery. Since Mercury is the 8 th Lord and also the Gulika Lord going in the 8 th house the disease may escalate after 19 th August but will be cured slowly. Lagna Lord is Vargottam placed in the 10 th house to give strength to fight the disease. The Lagna Lord is stronger than the 8th and the 6th Lord hence disease will be cured. From the Nakshatra of Sun.

The Disease is in the initial stage and will take 15 days for Full recovery.

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Luckily the Querist is well and recovering slowly, through the skin trouble may sprout with in few days , since Moon is in the initial degrees. Till Moon Transit the Lagna the disease may take a grave shape and after 20th August the Recovery may be there slowly.