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Ceres, Juno, Vesta, & Pallas Signs: Tables

Use the following tables to quickly find the sign of any of the four major asteroids Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas in your chart, or use this table to find their current signs. Find the date when Ceres entered a sign closest to your birthday, looking at the closest date previous to your birthdate. Example: If you were born on May 2, , your Ceres is in Cancer.

This is because you see the following in the table:. The above means that Ceres entered the sign of Cancer on April 1st in your birth year and remained in Cancer until June 20th, when it entered Leo.

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In astrology, the asteroid Pallas often represents our creative intellect and our efforts. It indicates our intelligence, wisdom, and healing powers. Pallas Athena in Aquarius sees all the future possibilities. They may find healing with the electrical energies in the body like vibration, color, crystals, sound and.

Note that sometimes when Ceres is retrograde it will return to the previous sign before moving forward again. For example:. In the above example, Ceres moved through the sign of Scorpio from January 25th, turned retrograde, and then returned to the sign of Libra on April 4th. It was not until August 2nd before Ceres resumed its transit of Scorpio. This is not unusual.

Pallas Athene

Find the date when Juno entered a sign closest to your birthday, looking at the closest date previous to your birthdate. Example: If you were born on May 2, , your Juno is in Scorpio.

An excerpt from the table:. The above means that Juno entered the sign of Scorpio on November 17th, , at AM and remained in the sign all the way until October 17th, , when it entered Sagittarius. Note that sometimes when Juno is retrograde it will return to the previous sign before moving forward again.

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Leo Pallas - Talented in arts of all kind, general creativity, drama, entertainment, art therapy, play therapy, dance, solar energy, and heat. Focused on problem solving and grabbing attention via charisma and drama. Virgo Pallas - Gifted in noticing the tiny details, editing, organizing, communication, possibly writing, note taking and solving logical or mathematical problems. Talented in pottery, gardening, or knitting.

Intuitive towards helping others. Is a very focused and strategic Pallas Sign.

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Understanding patterns of crisis. More posts by AstroFix. You talk your way out of problems, Pallas in Gemini. It has been said that Pallas Athena had no mother because she was born from the head of her father Zeus Jupiter. Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Pallas in hard aspect to Venus can create conflict between the theory and reality of your relationships. Sometimes absolutely bad strategy because of absence of any strategy, too laid back….

Libra Pallas - Talented at seeing patterns, strategies, and the details of social situations. Is a great host, artistically inclined especially aesthetically, and is diplomatic. Focuses their energy towards the social world. Scorpio Pallas - Talented in investigating, psychology, arts, healing, sex, sex therapy, risk taking, and has crazy intuition.

Has focused intuition and problem solving skills.


Has a knack for uncovering the truth. Loves mysteries and challenges. Sagittarius Pallas - Talented at seeing the big picture, visionary thoughts, mental healing, experimentation, teaching, and exploring. Can have a spiritual or fiery intuition, problem solving is scattered, can create meaningful art. Capricorn Pallas - Talented in organizing, planning, law, history, architecture, sculpture, massage therapy, chiropractic practice, and drafting. Has a focused and practical mind but lacks intuition.

Pallas Signs in the Birth Chart

Has visionary intuition and unusual ways of problems solving. Can lack focus sometimes. They may excel in sports or anything that involves a lot of movement. Pallas in Taurus Pallas in Taurus can find their talents through forms of Art and can be talented at handling money. These people tend to do well being stylists of any kind.


Pallas in Gemini With Pallas in Gemini, there is usually linguistic intelligence. These people can be excellent at communication, learning languages and even storytelling. They are quick to pick up or even adapt to forms of communication.

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May be talented in anything regarding culinary, decor and teaching. Pallas in Leo Pallas in Leo finds their talent through self-expression and anything creative.

Natal Pallas: The Strategy of Love

Pallas in Virgo With Pallas in Virgo, these people are talented at organizing and usually anything involving health. They can make excellent writers and planners especially! Pallas in Virgo really has an eye for detail as they are able to notice things others may not. Pallas in Libra Pallas in Libra has a talent for social interactions and simply understanding relationships between humans. These people tend to understand, naturally, how humans interact with one another.

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They are also aesthetes and have an appreciation for all things beautiful. Pallas in Scorpio With Pallas in Scorpio, there is intelligence through anything regarding the occult. They are extremely intuitive people and they are able to naturally understand others on a deeper level.

They may be talented in things regarding death and sex as well.