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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

This month is due to be a fantastic month so if you only read one forecast of mine in this is month to read!

🌟 2020 Astrology Horoscope for Capricorn 🌟

I snapped a photo for you! SusanMiller AstrologyZone. Dallas FtWorth Save date!

I will be in your city on Saturday January 4, Doors open 10 AM. Great holiday gift! This is a big month because Jupiter planet of good fortune, will move into Capricorn today, Dec 2, or the first time in 12 years. It will remain in that sign until Dec 19, , a year from now. This means each sign will get benefits from a different part of life from now on.

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Event is free, limited space. I just wired Scorpio to my editor, so I have four more signs to write. I am blown away by how magical December will be for every sign. This will be a not-to-be-missed report for you, dear reader, no matter what your sign happens to be. The first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth with the Pilgrims and natives. I am thankful for my children, baby Otis, for growing up in NYC, and to YOU, dear reader, for your ever-kindness to me throughout the years. Happy Thanksgiving. We went on press yesterday for my calendar that I wrote. So exciting! Next week goes to bindery and then in your hands!

I finished Cancer's outlook for December last night, which I took 9 hours to write. You should love December, dear Cancer--it is filled with jewel-like days.

Robin's Event & Yoga Class Calendar

There'll be a big emphasis on your close relationship in love or business. No matter what occurs, the planets will be your buddies. I wired my Gemini report last night. We've such a remarkable December coming up that you may not believe it when you read it. You'll see it all unfold for you--December will be a gift from a loving universe.

These are fallen leaves, shot from above, frozen in a beautiful blue lake. It occurred to me that nature creates beauty everywhere, whether or not we are there to see it. I meditated on that for a while--nature is generous, and her beauty always hits us as a surprise when we come upon the simplest things that suddenly set sparkle in our eyes.

I am up writing slowly as I examine, calculate and memorize, December for you. What a fantastic month is ahead--the best of the entire year. The solar eclipse of Christmas Day should be sweet as sugar for everyone. Beautiful month. I worked all day yesterday on Taurus--started at 11 AM. Wow, are you going to celebrate when you read December. If you only read one forecast of mine, you have to read this when we post on AstrologyZone.

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology

Today's color is Green. There appears to be ease with many harmonious aspects. Mercury aligns with Pluto for deep thoughts and emotions, yet ease and softness even surrounding serious contemplations or events. Intimate conversations and sharing are one result. Venus and Mars also create synchronicity especially in romantic relationships.

Pink is today's color. There's a sense of forward movement, but slowly with all in consideration. It's not a time for impulsiveness. Go with the natural unfolding of events and relationships and if there's unnecessary fear or resistance, consider why. Is it an old pattern or a stubborn unyielding? Yield is a good word for today. Notice how you can mesh with others and with whatever's going on.

Acknowledge and honor feelings as our sensitivities may come up. Do what you have to do is a key phrase for today also. Try not to fight what you know to be true. Today's color is Blue. It's not a good time for shopping or commitments and is best taken easy and slow.

Aries Moon changes the vibe from pm on, and the momentum toward Full Moon increases. We are just past the midpoint between New and Full, and it's natural to feel the urge for progress and productivity. Aries Moon can heighten motivation or add to anxiety. Remember, this is not a race. Jupiter, newly in Capricorn, is square to the Moon and we may need to check ego or struggle with control issues. Also notice opportunities that are worth the effort required.

Today's color is Red. Friday: The Moon and Sun align in fire signs and you could this as a burst of energy or increase in confidence. Forging into new territory or life stuff that requires stamina and bravery is favored. Energy and enthusiasm are ignited. The one area of question is relationship matters. A square between Moon and Venus makes it hard for some to feel in sync when there are radically different priorities and emotional needs.